The Vegetarian/Vegan Alternative to Fish Oil

You’re all about efficiency in every part of your life. Why not go straight to the source for nutrition? Algae are the original source when it comes to omega-3s—fish don’t actually produce EPA and DHA3; they get it from the green organisms they eat3,4.

Ovega-3® cuts out the middleman so you can get the heart, brain, eye, and overall health benefits of omega-3s from a trusted plant source*—without any fishy aftertaste.

Oh, and our omega-3s source is sustainable, so it won’t deplete the ocean’s supply of fish.

Why Ovega-3®?

  • Omega-3s support healthy heart, eyes, brain and overall health.*
  • Ovega-3® provides those fatty acids—without using fish-based sources.*
  • No middleman! Our omega-3s come from algae, the same place fish get it.
  • All the health benefits of omega-3s without the fishy aftertaste.*
  • It’s vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free‡‡, GMO-free, and sustainable.

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The omega-3s EPA and DHA are important to good health. See why—and how—you should get some into your day.