A Vegetarian/Vegan Alternative to Fish and Krill Oil

Ovega-3® is a heart-healthy omega-3 supplement that comes from algae, not fish or krill,* which means vegetarians/vegans and meat eaters can enjoy the benefits. And Ovega-3 offers all the omega-3 health benefits contained in fish or krill oil without the “fishy” aftertaste of some omega‑3 supplements.*

Watch our new video to see why Ovega-3 is the vegetarian/vegan alternative to fish and krill oils when it comes to getting your share of heart-healthy omega‑3s.*



Also, unlike fish and krill oil supplements, Ovega-3 is:

  • Derived from a trusted plant source
  • Virtually free of ocean-borne pollutants and toxins potentially found in certain fish
  • Sustainable and will not deplete the ocean's supply of fish

Each Ovega-3 softgel provides heart healthy omega-3s from algae, including at least 270 mg of DHA and at least 135 mg of EPA in each softgel.*

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Do you know...

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