How Heart Healthy
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In a typical week how many hours do you exercise?

Healthy Heart Tip

Physical inactivity is a major modifiable risk for heart attack. Exercising regularly, taking Ovega-3 daily and avoiding other risk factors reduce your risk of heart disease.

What is a typical dinnertime meal for you?

Healthy Heart Tip

Make wise dinnertime choices. Red meat is a great source of protein, however is very high in cholesterol. Steer clear of fried foods and toppings such as cheese, bacon and mayonnaise. Pair Ovega-3 with breakfast and stay heart healthy!

Which of the following conditions do you or any member in your immediate family currently have?

Healthy Heart Tip

High cholesterol and blood pressure are both controllable risk factors for heart disease. Ovega-3's fatty acids benefit the heart of healthy people, and those at high risk of - or who have - cardiovascular disease.

Do you currently smoke or use tobacco?

Healthy Heart Tip

The use of nicotine can seriously increase your risks for heart disease. The nicotine makes your heart work harder by narrowing blood vessels which essentially increases your heart rate and blood pressure. GOOD NEWS: By quitting smoking, you are drastically decreasing your chances of heart disease within one year.

Do you regularly see your doctor for routine health screenings?

Healthy Heart Tip

By Visiting your physician reqularly, you are allowing for your doctor to test for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. Regular screening will let you know what your numbers are, and if you need to take action.

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